Spanish Earl Single Malt Irish Whiskey 70cl

Spanish Earl Single Malt Irish Whiskey 70cl


Spanish Earl Single Malt Irish Whiskey starts its ageing in ex-Bourbon casks for nearly 4 years and then is split into two finishing casks, ex-Imperial stout and ex-aged, golden Jamaican rum. The two triple-distilled malt Irish whiskeys are then recombined after at least 3 months apart, and bottled. The stout element is inspired by Juan del Aguila’s time spent in Cork, renowned the world over for stout production for hundreds of years, while rum, being the preferred drink of seafarers of old, lends sweet toffee to the dark chocolate of the stout.



  • Dark Chocolate
  • Indulgent coffee & cream, reminiscent of Irish Cream Liqueur
  • Strawberry and cream becomes quite distinct
  • Dried fruit/”rummy”

A light golden colour; a vague hint of the darker stout hues lurking within.


  • Coffee and dark chocolate; tiramisu
  • Irish stout creaminess
  • Dried fruit: fig, raisin and a little ripe banana and tropical fruit


Nice length, with a little bit of raisin and a slight kick of spice on the back-end.