Great Earl Single Grain Irish Whiskey 70cl

Great Earl Single Grain Irish Whiskey 70cl


Great Earl Single Grain Irish Whiskey is a combination of Rechar-barrelled grain Irish whiskey and virgin oak grain, matured for 45 months and then merged to spend a further minimum period of 3 months in ex-Sangiovese casks, sourced exclusively for us from the Lazio region of Italy, a nod to the final resting place of the Great Earl in the Vatican in Rome.



  • Sweet, candy- like
  • Vanilla and cask influence, woody
  • Buttery/marzipan

A mid-golden colour with a little hint of the ruby red of the Sangiovese cask coming through in a slightly pinkish tinge.


  • Sweet, ripe blackberry & honey
  • A hint of tartness/sharpness, a little elderberry
  • Also a hint of white pepper spice and a little tannin from the wine


  • Creamy mouth feel: coats the mouth nicely.
  • Mid-bodied
  • Decent length, strong.